Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Qualitime auditor visited me while I was sick. Do I have to let them in?

In accordance with the law, both the Social Insurance Institution and the employer (if employing more than 20 employees) are entitled to verify the correctness of the use of sick leave. Qualitime auditors have been authorized by employers to perform audits on their behalf. Preventing the inspection may indicate that the sick leave is misused.

I was visited by someone claiming to be a Qualitime auditor. How can I verify this?

In case of doubt, get in touch with us – we will confirm the details of the auditor visiting you on a given day. The auditor is obliged to show you their audit authorization and an ID card.

I received a sick note indicating that "I can walk". Do I still have to be at home at all times?

Note “patient can walk” means you do not have to stay in bed while on a sick leave. Usually, this does not mean that you can move away from home. Exceptionally, for example, if you live alone and there is no one who could take care of you while you are sick, you can go to the pharmacy or do grocery shopping. You can also go to doctor’s appointments and do treatments ordered by your doctor. In such cases, we suggest that you keep receipts and other proofs of the reason for your absence to help clarify the situation if the Qualitime auditor visits you during this time.

How Qualitime knows where I am staying during my illness? Can I change the address of my stay?

The sickness medical certificate includes the address where you are staying. Remember to inform your doctor about the correct address. If you intend to stay at a different address than the one indicated on the certificate, it is your responsibility to inform the employer about such a change. If you do not comply with this obligation and are absent from the address indicated on the certificate, your employer may consider that you are using the sick leave incorrectly.

Does absence from work due to caring for a sick child or other sick family member or rehabilitation can also by verified by Qualitime?

Yes. Please note that, except when you care of a child under 2 years of age, you are only entitled to such a leave if there are no other family members who can provide such care.

Does the Qualitime audit program mean that I cannot get sick?

No. Every employee has the right to sick leave when unable to work due to illness. According to the regulations, the illness should be confirmed with a medical certificate and the period of inability to work should be used in a way allowing to recover as soon as possible. If your employer does not have other rules, you should inform about your sickness absence no later than on the second day of absence from work.

Lately I have been sick very often; I am afraid that the employer suspects me of unfair use of sick leave. Does the involvement of Qualitime mean trouble for me?

No, quite the opposite. The Qualitime auditor will be able to confirm to your employer that you are using sick leave in a proper manner, which we hope will end your fears and allow you to recover safely.

The Qualitime auditor noted that I am using sick leave contrary to its intended use. What will happen next?

The auditor will prepare a report and submit it to your employer. The employer will have the right to consider your absence from work as unjustified, and draw disciplinary consequences.

If I misuse the sick leave, what consequences can I face?

The consequences of being absent from work under false pretext of a sickness, or using it in a manner inconsistent with its purpose (fast recovery) depend on your employer’s decision. An employer may decide to withdraw your remuneration for the whole period of absence (which is considered unjustified), give a warning or reprimand, or terminate the employment.

TIPS – worth to remember
  • Inform your employer about sick leave absence at the latest on the second day of absence
  • If during your absence you change your place of stay to a place other than indicated on the sick note, don’t forget to inform your employer
  • Provide the employer with a printed medical certificate within 7 days from the date of issue; This does not apply to e-ZLA if your employer has a profile on the ZUS Electronic Services Platform

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